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"I could either watch it happen or be part of it"

– Elon Musk

Technology is improving our lives in many different forms and still when it comes to bringing food to our homes, we still do it in the same way that we have done it in the last 50 years. We buy what is available where we normally buy, even if it is not really what we would want.

With technology, we could buy in a marketplace with our preferred stores, where we decide what’s on stock, where we decide the origin of fresh products or which services do we want to pay for.
We would always be buying what we want, where we want and how we want it.

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Let’s help the local producers by buying directly from them, without the need of an intermediary.

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Let’s create together a grocery shopping space where we find the information we need to feed us and our family in the most sustainable way

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Let’s decide together how do we want to benefit from the best offers and deals the manufacturers can offer.

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Let’s reward those brands that really are making of this world a better one for us all.

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Let’s create a community around the food we need our families

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Let’s do all of it in a new & cost-effective way that the young population made a trend of.

Our Heroes

Broc Chain

Broc Chain

Chooses the best groceries
for our community


Shop Pear

Picks the food for you from
the supermarket


Deli Berry

Brings the food to your


Deli Hood

Leading the Delidao
shopping revolution

Road map



Building the grocery
shoppers community

Enjoy a Free Grocery Personal Shopper

Benefit from exclusive access to a community of DeliDAO NFT holders

Rethink together the way we buy food

Become member of DeliDao Shoppers Council




Minting the NFT’s:

Conversations with food brands and producers

Enjoy exclusive access to the best grocery deals with our NFT’s

Be the first to try new food ideas

Be paid to watch advertising

Be paid to give your opinion

Set your expectations straight to the manufacturer




The Delidao Food World:

Living in the Delidao Food World

Reinventing together the Web 3.0 supermarket

Enjoy the shopping experience as you like it

Sell your fully loaded NFT’s to other shoppers

In-person demo webinars and pop-ups


We love shopping in our own

We fill our fridges and pantries with the food we love

Happier families, producers, and planet 

The Delidao Shoppers Council


With our unique DAO ownership model, you will be able to participate of the main decisions about the assortment and shopping experience of our supermarket. While you will have to follow our Collaboration Code, we hope you will use your vote to improve our community. Connect with us so we can explain all the benefits of ownership and answer all the questions you might have.

With the purchase of the Delidao token, you will be automatically member of the Delidao Shoppers Council where we will together take decision about:

If you want to know more about it just let us know.

The shops we want to buy from

The brands and products we prefer

The type of packaging we are ready to consume

Our own shopping experience design

The services we want to enjoy

How we relate to our preferred brands

Which type of offers we like

Which ads we want to see

Where we want the fresh produces to come from

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